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Meet Kara Johnson

Hello there!

I am a faith-based mama to six, wife, and RN. I recently within the last year became a stay at home mama, and couldn't love it more! Life wasn't always this way before, I was either working or in school for the first ten years of our married life.

I have a passion now for helping new mom's who are seeking support with postpartum, newborns, breastfeeding and beyond!!! It is not an easy job and it takes a lot of prayer, faith and hard work to raise those little kids. 

But I couldn't tell you more that right now is meant for you to be right where you are. You are in a beautiful place, mothering is a beautiful job! We might not always be the early bird who gets the worm (or time to yourself) but we get to watch our children grow, be there for all those little and BIG milestones, and to raise babies that will sooner than we think become big people! 

The days creep by, but the years they fly. I want to be here to encourage you and uplift you through your stay at home mama journey, (working from home or not!!!) because we all need support and encouragement on this journey! 

Much Love,


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