Nurse to Entrepreneur- The Mom Nurse Entrepreneur Group

This vault is for moms who are nurses who are looking to start their own business. 

This class teaches on mindset, how to find your niche, how you’re going to help them and many ideas for you to get you started!

I have spent the last YEAR and a half defining, learning about online business and THOUSANDS of dollars along the way. This will be your fast track to getting a clear picture on your business, and what you can do for yourself!

You know you're in a position to change, but you're just not sure what that even looks like. In this course you will leave with a clear mindset and picture of what your business is, and how you will help them.

You will learn basic strategy for facebook, instagram and pinterest so you can get started!!!

Join us as we change healthcare, one nurse at a time!

Let's Get Started

Payment Options

$75 for 3 monthly payments
$47 for 6 monthly payments