My name is Kara Johnson. I'm the founder of The Mom Nurse, LLC and love to help Nurse's who are Mom's find their passions and start to earn money from home-so you can stay home with those babies!

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I'll help you wherever you are.  

I'm definitely a go-getter, so I get things done. Just ask any of my family members or friends. If I say I'm going to do something, I do it and I'm usually pretty efficient at it too. So Let's book a call so you can get your business on the world wide web, and making you money!
What I Can Help You With:
Let's work together to find out what your needs are, what you want in a business and how you want to help people. I will help you design your business from scratch if that's what it takes to get you home with your babies!

VA Services tailored to YOU- Website set up, basic funnels (lead magnet, landing page, email sequence)

I use the Attractwell system, you can learn more about it here: 

Nurse Healthcare Writing
Ghostwriting, E-books, E-courses, blogs, articles, etc. Whatever your healthcare writing needs are, we'll see if we are a good fit!
The Mom Nurse Entrepreneur Group
Join the community of like-minded nurses who are mom's, building their businesses so they can stay home with their kiddos too!