My name is Kara Johnson. I'm the founder of The Mom Nurse, LLC and love to help mom's during postpartum.

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I'll help you wherever you are.  

Do you struggle with the anxiety of postpartum? Maybe its the things you think you need to know about being a mom. I can help you find peace and settle into motherhood.
What I Can Help You With:
Online/Offline Postpartum Help
Let's work together to figure out what your needs are. It's quite possible I can help you online, but if you need in person assitance, I will help you figure out what you need.

From Power Hour sessions to aroma freedom, all the offers here!

Aroma Freedom
Aroma Freedom is a 12 step process that can help you identify and release negative thoughts, feelings and memories-using the power of essential oils!
The Mom Nurse Facebook Group
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