The ONLY thing you will need to wean from breastfeeding. (+ why you cant quit like you want)

The ONLY thing you will need to wean from breastfeeding. (+ why you cant quit like you want)
Hey there!

I'm Kara, the mom nurse and I'm here to support you with postpartum! Today we are going to talk a little bit about weaning from breastfeeding and the one thing I have found that has worked AMAZING!

I have breastfed all of my babies (6 of them so far!) for a minimum of a year. I love the bond I have received with my babies through breastfeeding and the joy it brings both of us! With that said... my last baby he is almost 2. My boys have definitely nursed for longer than the girls. The boys have been 18 months, 22 months and now 24 months.

I have been wanting to quit but kept wondering why MYSELF was having a hard time quitting as we had went to Hawaii, and I tried quitting then. My baby went right back to nursing when we came back. (he was already 20 months at that time.) I tried vinegar on my nipples. Didn't work. He sucked right past the bitterness. 

I was like... whatever. I'll just keep nursing. However it felt like I was just being used as a pacifier and I wasn't really producing much milk. I was getting aversions to breastfeeding and yet WHY couldn't I just quit nursing?

Every time I would tell him no, he would throw a tantrum. So we just kept on keeping on.... until a friend told me about "SuckerBuster". Its an organic, proven method to wean from breastfeeding in just 1-2 uses. I bought it. 

When it came though... I was hesitant to use it. This means that I'm really really done. When I put this on... it means I'm done breastfeeding my little one. I cried for two days. I still could cry because it means that door has closed. But once I realized WHY I couldn't quit like I wanted- MY attachment to breastfeeding, it was like wow... I didn't realize how affected I would be by quitting.

I wallowed through my feelings of my babies growing up and how time passes so quickly, and knew I was now ready to let go. We are allowed to have mixed feelings, allowed to change our minds and we are allowed to feel all the things that come with weaning no matter what age your baby is. 

So if you are ready to quit breastfeeding and have it work pretty much with the first try- this stuff is for you. 

I put it on when he was awake like the package says- and when I brought him to nurse he looked at me with a disgusted look and said 'eww". He tried the other breast and same thing. It only took one time to try and he does not want to breastfeed. Its still kind of sad to me, but at the same time I am happy to finally start feeling like myself a little more, until I'm pregnant again! :-) 

Try "SuckerBuster" for those hard to wean babies/toddlers, and you can even use it on pacifiers and thumbs!

And if you're looking for further support for those mama meltdowns, join my Facebook group here: The Mom Nurse

Happy Weaning!!!
XoXo, The Mom Nurse

Should I Quit My Job as A Nurse?

Should I Quit My Job as A Nurse?
"Should I quit my job as a nurse?" I think that is a question that many nurses ask themselves, when they aren't happy with their current position.

Which Nurses are the Happiest?

Which Nurses are the Happiest?
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Hello there!

Kara The Mom Nurse here to chat about my opinion of which nurses are the happiest. I have an interesting twist! I hope you'll find this an enjoyable read and learn something new today.

I want to chat with you about why I think this type of nurse is the happiest. Which nurses do you think are the happiest nurses? What comes to mind? For me, it comes down to a few things. The nurses that are the happiest are probably doing what they love right? Getting paid for what they love to do? And maybe having the best of both worlds. 

Doing What You Love as a Nurse

The first thing I want to ask you is, why did this nurse become a nurse? It always comes down to the "WHY". Did she become a nurse because she wanted to help moms with breastfeeding? Did she become a nurse so that she could help take care of really sick babies? Maybe she became a nurse so that she could change the world's view on orthopedics. Whatever that is for that nurse, she's probably happy if that's what she's doing, right? Wrong...

Some nurses that started out becoming a nurse to do XYZ, might not even be doing that particular job. They may even have found that it didn't bring them joy anymore and that their view on nursing has changed. So why do some nurses get stuck doing a job they hate, while some continue to tweak and fine-tune so they can do what they love? Your guess is as good as mine but in my opinion is- they stay there because they think it's their only option. 

So when you are doing what you love as a nurse, it makes sense that you would be one of those nurses that are the happiest! (Hint Hint... if you're reading this and AREN'T doing what you love... comment on this blog WHY you aren't!!!)

Getting Paid for What You Love to Do

Nurses who are getting paid for what they love to do, are also probably the happiest. Say the nurse who loves her job isn't getting paid what she thinks she is worth. Over time, she probably isn't going to love her job. She's going to start feeling like the work she's doing is too much, she's going to start silently de-valuing herself and pretty soon it's a disaster. 

So when a nurse feels valued, and like her expertise is getting well-paid, she of course is going to be the happiest nurse to work with! This nurse may just know how to ask for her value. If she's asked to work an extra shift, she may step up and state that she's willing to work the extra shift for overtime PLUS $20/hr more. You know something that seems outrageous to most nurses. 

Or maybe this nurse owns her own business... and she knows her work is valuable. So this nurse knows she can charge clients the VALUE that she brings. 

Having the Best of Both Worlds

What does that mean? It means working for oneself, being able to set their hours, value, and more. The best of both worlds is being a nurse, but also being a business owner!!! Which Nurses are the happiest then?  When a nurse has the best of both worlds, they can also choose WHEN they want to work instead of feeling like they HAVE to work. Then they could also own their own business and set their hours, income and you know... actually live a life of happiness. 

I can help you with becoming a happier nurse- if that is your desire! I have been in the entrepreneurial world since 2013 and the nurse entrepreneur space since 2019. I can help you figure out your passions, what lights you up, and how to make income from home as a nurse! Seem like a dream come true? It's been mine, let me show you yours!

But being a happy nurse isn't just about the job. It can be a whole combination of things. Are you meeting your own needs? Are living your life to it's fullest potential? So many factors go into a happy nurse. If you ask yourself what being a happy nurse is, and ponder it for awhile, the answer may come to you. 

So what are you waiting for? What's holding you back? Comment below, WHY aren't you doing what you love as a nurse, so YOU can be happy? 

Kara, The Mom Nurse

1. Join the Community of like-minded Nurse Mom's Here- A community of nurses who are mom's, starting up their businesses and helping each other out! (Also- The FREE Five day Nurse to Entrepreneur Challenge lives here!!!)

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When the little things aren't so little after all-Staying home with your littles

When the little things aren't so little after all-Staying home with your littles
I had a revelation the other day... ok maybe it was today as well as many days in the last two years.

Hi I'm Kara and I'm the mom nurse. I help new mom's with postpartum, newborns, breastfeeding and beyond, Welcome to my home on the internet, I'm so glad you're here!

Pour yourself coffee while you read this, I want you to sit and stay awhile.

Anyways, back to my revelation. I realized that I am so grateful right now. It feels like yesterday when I was trying to juggle 4 kids, home life, work life, and all the other duties that come with being a wife, mom, and nurse. 

I am so grateful now that I get to put my babies to sleep every night. I am so grateful I get to be home with them right now. ESPECIALLY during this time of uncertainty in healthcare. ESPECIALLY NOW. 

If you are ever doubting your path, I want you to know that RIGHT NOW you are where you are meant to be right now. 

The little things in life aren't so little after all. The little things like getting to soothe my toddler's cries, rock my toddler to sleep, re-assure my kindergartner that those funny noises are just his brother snoring and it's OK! These little things I am so grateful for, because just a few short years ago I was praying for these moments. I was praying to be able to stay home with my kids.

I didn't feel like there was ever an end in sight to me working. There was always another bill, always another expense. But the weird thing is... we still live just as comfortably on one income as we did on both of ours previously. God works in mysterious ways...

The little things ARE the big things! Getting to help my third grader with her homework, and my first grader with learning to read. I now get to SEE my oldest daughter practice violin, piano and be there for it. If you are doubting any decision to stay home with your kids, this is your sign that it's MORE than okay to stay home with them.

Your kids need YOU, and only you. When it doesn't make financial sense.... sometimes those leaps of faith and trust in God are things that happen spontaneously due to life circumstances, but sometimes it's just a decision you have to come to terms with and make. 

I know it's not easy being a stay at home mom. That loss of income can immediately feel a bit like a bite. But I have done so many things to increase income and work from home, and I know these things can be done. I am so grateful I get to be here for the little things now, which aren't actually so little after all! I am grateful for each and every moment that I see my kids light up, I get to be here when they are home from school. 

My kids even can help me with my online work and we make things a family effort. We work together now, not apart. Amidst these troubling times in our world, now more than ever is a great time to be home with your kids, teaching them and encouraging them they can be anything in a world that is so afraid. We hope that we can portray the light to your families, that you too can be there for the little things.

The little things matter, and are in fact- the big things. I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy that coffee!!!


You got this mama!!! 

Much Love,

Kara- The Mom Nurse

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Postpartum Recovery and the Things NO-ONE tells you about as a New Mom

Postpartum Recovery and the Things NO-ONE tells you about as a New Mom
Hey there!

Thanks for coming to my blog! Postpartum recovery is no joke... and there are also things that no-one tells you about!!! Like WHAT?!? Ok, maybe you were warned but maybe you just didn't remember!!!

I will tell you about a few things-postpartum bleeding, tears (both kinds of tears!!!) and losing the baby weight that nobody told me about, and walk you through what I did to get through it. As a new mom, any support you can get the better!!! 

Postpartum Bleeding

Oh... didn't anyone tell you the bleeding can stop and then start up again?! Your body does tell you when you're probably doing too much- as in... vacuuming too many floors or running too many errands! 

I also didn't realize your period could come and go very irregularly postpartum, and that it can be non-existent while breastfeeding too!

The bleeding postpartum should start out more bright red, and be heavy for up to a week or so as your uterus is shrinking back to normal size. Then it will start to turn darker red in color, and slowly taper to more light bleeding and lochia. (light pink colored discharge)

Now this is in most of the normal postpartum era. Some people have more troubles, some people have less. 

Watch out for big clots (like uhh bigger than a golf ball which then is usually associated with lots of bleeding)- seek help for those. You should typically only get bigger clots in the first few days to a week after delivery. 

Blood clots often look like jelly... they can look like mucousy or have tissues inside of them. Know that small clots are normal. However- fragment pieces of the placenta can be left attached to the uterus, and as it shrinks back to pre-pregnancy size can cause clots and bleeding after they break off. Watch again for increased bleeding- soaking through a pad an hour for several hours would indicate a problem if your bleeding had already slowed down.

The biggest thing I learned is that bleeding will and can last up to 6 weeks postpartum, and can even come back when you start doing too much. Listen to your body and ease up when you start to notice an increase in bleeding.

Don't wear tampons... I'm sure you know this but you shouldn't insert anything into the vaginal area until after your doctor gives you the OK that everything is healed up around the six week mark. Make sure you are changing your pads frequently as not to get any infections. 

Recovery from Tears (both the watery kind and the stitched up kind)

There is a very real thing called vaginal tearing!!! (or an episiotomy if your doctor performed that) This is when your perineum tears up to the FOURTH degree which means... you can tear up to the anus. Its a very real thing and I had no clue this was a thing before having a baby! Let alone knowing how to care for a tear after getting home! (Thankfully I only tore up to the second degree)

What can you do? Oh... make sure you take those anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen (advil). Take that with tylenol alternating around the clock to keep pain and inflammation to a BARE minimum. :-) 

You can pick up a doughnut pillow like this one: (tap the picture to bring you to the listing)
This is WONDERFUL as it's a cold pack too and a cushion. This will take the pressure off your bottom and also provide cooling relief.. because you ALSO need to be ICING your bottom, and NO not with cake icing. :-) 

ICE ICE BABY!!! Make sure you are using an ice pack FREQUENTLY.  For sure for the first 24-48 hours around the clock. 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off and repeat!!! This will help tremendously.

Witch Hazel pads infused with Lavender. I make my own!!! I add a couple drops of lavender essential oil to alcohol free witch hazel. Swirl in a glass mason jar, then add a stack of cotton pads that you use for your face. Place in the fridge and use these with each pad change. AMAAAZZZING recovery results!!!

As for the stitches- they may be dissolvable most likely, but ask your doctor at your 6 week postpartum visit for sure. Watch for bright red blood that could indicate that it isn't healing.

As for the other REAL Tears... Think the watery ones that escape from your eyes, that's called "the baby blues" and that's also a real thing. Your hormones are changing so quickly and drastically after delivery and this should even out by 2-3 weeks postpartum. I go into a deeper dive into this in my e-course (Postpartum, Newborns, Breastfeeding & Beyond) if you want to learn more about hormones!!!

I also dive deeper into all of these topics, if you want to know more about it, sign up for The New Mama Blueprint and i'll be sure to let you know all about it!

Postpartum Baby Blues are no joke. You'll be making yourself breakfast and burst into tears over nothing. Or you'll be looking out the window, and the baby blues will hit you like a ton of bricks, overwhelming you so quickly you had no idea that things could be so difficult! You might be feeling great, and then in the middle of the night you aren't feeling so great when you've been up a majority of it crying because you can't figure out why you're craving pizza. Yeah... those kinda things will happen!

To get through that, It's best to approach it in a way that you KNOW its going to happen, so ride the wave. It's okay to fall off the surfboard, but get back up. I have used a few high quality supplements to get me through this challenging time, Check out that blog post for more details HERE
If the baby blues lasts longer than 2-3 weeks, make sure you talk to your doctor at your postpartum visit. They should screen you for postpartum depression, so make sure they do.

SEEK HELP if you are feeling so overwhelmed you can't function. Postpartum anxiety and depression are REAL, and pretty common.

But know that this too shall pass, and soon your baby will be growing so fast. You'll wonder how you got through the postpartum era and be on the other side soon enough. It brings a smile to my face just thinking about your sweet baby you are holding, I LOVE BABIES!!!

Losing the Baby Weight

Baby weight... what is that??? Oh it's that weight you can't seem to just drop like a sack of rocks. But guess what? I'm going to tell you right now that... you are BEAUTIFUL just the way you are. It took 9 months to grow that sweet baby, give it 9 months before you really start to worry about your weight. 

A few key tips is: don't think you have to get rid of the weight quickly after baby is born. If you are breastfeeding, this will help some in the long term. Going right into a rigorous workout routine can quickly overwhelm your body, so start out slow. Keep up walks daily, then gradually work up to your pre-pregnancy workouts. 

I had someone poke my belly two weeks postpartum and tell me I should start working out. (insert baby blues) So just know it can take up to ONE YEAR or more to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight, if at all! I'm in the postpartum stage from our sixth baby, and I'm no-where near my pre-pregnancy weight, and it's ok.

Embrace your body, accept the change and let go of what was. I give you permisison. I can help you with a mama reset in my e-course for new mom's, it can be used for anything that might be overwhelming, frustrating or stressful. Member's Area Here

So anyway, I just want to let you know that you ARE superwoman, you ARE capable, and you ARE beautiful just the way you are. 

Wrapping it Up

I hope you learned a few things that NO-ONE told you when you were expecting a baby about the postpartum "era". I would love to teach you all that I know about becoming a new mom, and hope to see you again!!! 

You got this mama!!! 

Much Love,

Kara- The Mom Nurse

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Nursing Job and Pregnancy... What You Should Expect When Working as a Nurse and Expecting a Baby

Nursing Job and Pregnancy... What You Should Expect When Working as a Nurse and Expecting a Baby
Hello there!!!

Kara the Mom Nurse here!

So you're coming across this post because you're pregnant and you are a nurse. What do you do now?

I'll give you a quick backstory here when you are dealing with a nursing job and pregnancy.

I have six kids. I currently stay home with my littles because let's face it... they grow way too fast and I would push my emotions aside when leaving them to go to work. I got accepted into the nursing program when I was pregnant with our second child. I actually delayed the program until fall of that year so that I could have our child and a bit of time off before starting the program. 

Once I started the program, I became pregnant with our third child! She was born in September (her birthday is actually coming up and she will be 7 years old!!!) I birthed her on a monday one week, and went to CLINICALS that friday. Call me crazy... but I made it through. Not without a few tears when I left the hospital that day... wondering what I was doing to myself!!! 

I am not a quitter, and continued on through the program and although it was tough, I graduated that following May. Here is my graduation day!!!

I then graduated that May and took a contract as a nurse working in a very short-staffed nursing home. (Note to self-don't ever take a contract job ever again, details for another day!) I gained a ton of experience working on a rehab wing at that nursing home, so I don't regret where that brought me. I love working with the elderly population as well, but I wanted a hospital job. I wanted to work with mom's and babies, and you can't do that in a nursing home!!! While working that contract job I became pregnant with our fourth baby.

Due to the nature of the contract I would have to pay back a lump sum of money if I quit. So I was kind of stuck in between a rock and a hard place, pretty much being forced to work throughout the whole pregnancy on a super short staffed, busy rehab wing. I also many times had to work down the long-term care wings and deliver treatments and medications to residents that a TMA could not do. 

This is not what you should expect right??? Being forced to work while pregnant??? I don't know, I powered through and was able to take maternity leave about a week before his due-date. Then I had to have my doctor write a note that I was to take leave early so that the short-term disability would kick in. 

When you are working full time and you have not been at a facility for over a year, typically they don't give you full family leave benefits. Do check your facility as these can vary between facilities. It wasn't easy working up until I was due for the baby, on my feet for 9+ hours a day 4 days a week. But I powered through. My mindset was made up, that it was either pay back the money and quit the job or make it through the pregnancy and then quit. 

When working while pregnant, know your capabilities. You are capable of MANY things, but know what your limits are. Put your feet up while charting, sit in a patient room with your feet up and chart if you must, and make sure you drink plenty of water. (but not so much that you have to pee every two minutes right???)

I felt like working on my feet while pregnant actually made the pregnancy go quickly, and then I made sure I took my vitamins daily. I also took a healthy NUTRIENT PACKED super juice that gave me natural energy, kept up my B vitamins for having to power through, and later I also found out that this juice is known to also benefit a VERY healthy cord and placenta!!! When this baby was born my doctor stated she had never seen such a thick cord and healthy looking placenta. I now drink this juice during every pregnancy for sure. 

I kept snacks in my pockets so I could eat a quick snack while charting or during my bathroom break, to keep up my energy. You should expect to be on your feet many hours, so invest in a wonderful pair of inserts or shoes with support. 

I also would expect towards the end of the pregnancy to have a lot of pressure on your pelvic area, due to the nature of being on your feet A LOT. You will probably want to invest in a good belly support band to help take the pressure off. I would also invest in a pair of ted socks... you know there are cuter ones now than those white patient ted hose :-). Those will be wonderful for those varicose veins that will probably pop up during pregnancy!!!

I would also expect to buy either bigger sized scrubs, or maternity ones. I preferred buying a bigger size of the kind scrubs that has the stretchy sides vs. maternity kind. My favorite was the cherokee iflex, linked at the top or off to the side! Here is also what it looks like here: (click the picture for the direct link)

I was able to quit after I had baby number four, and was offered a job at a hospital! I was so excited to start in a hospital, this was my dream job! I started working there and it was a small town hospital. I loved that hospital job, and then I worked there about 2 years. I gained experience and then got a job at a hospital I wanted to work at closer to home. I accepted that position while in early pregnancy with our fifth. I worked for about 6 months part time until the baby came, and then I went casual after I had baby #5. And guess what??? With baby number 5, I worked up until my due date as well, ON CHRISTMAS EVE AND CHRISTMAS DAY. He was born Dec. 27th. 

So you CAN expect to work up until your due date, but do know your limits. If you're starting to have complications, or just feeling plain tired, don't wear your self out. I did that to myself and then I got irritable with my job and with my patients. This is not healthy for you or your employer, so do take the time YOU need for yourself and baby!!! There will always be another nurse, another job, and I never beat myself up about taking as much time for after baby as we needed. 

Your employer will only give you the certain amount of time off before they can technically fill your position, but what I did was email my boss and had a good conversation with her about leaving or staying. And if they truly value your work and ethics, they will want you to stay whether casual or a new position there. That's another topic for another day too... 

So just expect what I stated here, and also expect the unexpected!!! You never know when you might be led to a new place in your nursing career or in your home life career. (Heck, we moved to Alaska after kid #5, and I haven't gone back to work yet!!!) So follow your heart, know that God has a plan for you in your career and accept what is. But also know that you will get through your nursing job and a pregnancy, because I've done it three times. I can honestly say that nurses are strong, YOU are strong!!! Here is a picture of our family on one of our first hikes in AK!

Hugs to you on the pregnancy, Congratulations and BEST WISHES with your nursing career!!! 

(I write this as my 2 month old baby sleeps next to me, he's our sixth baby!!!)

Much Love,

You got this mama!!! 

Much Love,

Kara- The Mom Nurse

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Easy Pizza for Kids!

Easy Pizza for Kids!
Hey hey!!!

Kara the mom nurse here with an easy go-to recipe for pizza. Keep these ingredients on hand and when you are wondering what to make QUICK, (besides frozen pizza...) this comes in pretty close and the kids love it!!!

You know those days when you're 38 weeks pregnant, you have one sick kid, one who pooed his pants, the toddler who needs you right NNNNOOOOWWW... and then you realized everybody is getting hungry because the chaos ensues and gets louder and louder... yeah. those days. This is for those days!

5 Ingredient Easy Peasy Pizza for Kids

  • Pita or Naan Circle Bread
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Italian Seasoning or Oregano
  • Shredded Cheese
  • Pepperonis

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees F. Spread out the pita or naan breads on sheet or cookie pan. Dallop a spoonful of tomato sauce on each circle. Sprinkle the seasoning over the sauce, then spread it around. Add the cheese and pepperoni's, and pop in the oven for 10-15 minutes!

Feel Free to Change up what you put on it, but this is definitely kid and parent approved, my husband even loves it! (Prep time is like... 5 minutes) I have even had the kids make them and they are easy for the kids to make.

Click to see the short videoHERE on the ingredients I used!

You got this mama!!! 

Much Love,

Kara- The Mom Nurse

~The Idea Cloud. It's what I created to keep your kids off the screen and busy doing things that I did as a kid! :-)

Cooking Seasoned Potato Wedges in Your Kalorik Maxx Air Fryer 26qt

Cooking Seasoned Potato Wedges in Your Kalorik Maxx Air Fryer 26qt
Hey There!

Kara the Mom Nurse here. I am now a stay at home mom and enjoy cooking healthy options from scratch for our family of 7 (soon to be 8!!!)

I had found a recipe online for seasoned baked potato wedges and refined it for the Kalorik MAXX Air Fryer (26 qt) size. Known as Jojo's or whatever other name you have for these potatoes, they turned out delish!


6 Russet Potatoes
4 T. Flour
2 T. Seasoned Salt ( I used lawry's)
2 T. Oil ( I used avacado oil, I would use a light oil as olive oil would take away from the seasoned taste)
Gallon Ziploc Bag

First I baked the potatoes in the Kalorik:

I baked the potatoes for 52 minutes at the 375 temp on bake setting. This was a tad too long for the smaller sized potatoes and then they were pretty crumbly and I wasn't able to use some of them for this recipe. Alternatively you can bring a pot of water to boil, then boil for 10 minutes. I did NOT peel them, although you can if you prefer. Jojo potato wedges are made with the skin on. 

Once the potatoes were done I took them out and cut in half to cool a bit, then cut in the wedges.

Allow to cool slightly before putting in the gallon ziploc baggie. While they are cooling, add the flour and seasoning salt to the ziploc bag and mix together. Once the potatoes are cooled a bit, add to the ziploc bag and then shake gently to get the flour mixture covering the potatoes.

Next I put the seasoned potato wedges into the air fryer basket over the sink and shook the excess flour mixture off.

After I shook off the excess flour, I poured the oil over the potatoes and shook to incorporate. I personally just poured the oil over and didn't measure exactly, you could also add the oil to the flour mixture in the ziploc bag if you prefer less mess. 

Then I popped the air fryer basket into the Kalorik, and selected the Air Fry option, and used the "frys" option. It baked them for 15 minutes at 450 and that seemed to be perfect! I stopped halfway through cooking to shake them up so they would evenly brown and crisp up.

You may want to set a separate timer to check or just adjust the time for 7 minutes so it will stop and you can shake, then put for another 7-8 minutes.

Let cool slightly and then enjoy!!! There wasn't any potato wedges left!!! 

Here is the final product. They sure were tasty! Feel free to change up the seasonings if you wish. If you don't have seasoned salt like lawrys, you could make a mixture with 1 tsp. garlic powder, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp. onion powder, 1 tsp paprika. (or make up your own, and comment below what you did!)

Join the Beginners Facebook group here:  Kalorik Maxx Air Fryer for Beginners

You got this mama!!! 

Much Love,

Kara- The Mom Nurse

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~The Idea Cloud. It's what I created to keep your kids off the screen and busy doing things that I did as a kid! :-)

Why does cleaning overwhelm me? Three tips to getting your overwhelm back under control.

Why does cleaning overwhelm me? Three tips to getting your overwhelm back under control.
Hey there! 

Cleaning is such a cliche term. When you have kids you could be cleaning all day every day... for all of eternity. Is what it feels like am I right? So when you ask yourself why cleaning overwhelms you... well you have your answer right there. Kids. or pets.... or both... 

Let's get to the nitty gritty of overwhelm. Its a feeling of... where do you start? what should you focus on first? when you have no clear direction and feel like things are just swirling around you, you don't get anything done. 

I have felt this feeling many times. I remember feeling like I had my life together, right. I was in nursing school, just had our third child who was a couple months old at the time, and I decided to bring all three kids in for well-child visits. Well that doesn't sound too bad does it? It isn't until the doctor asks "how is everything really going for you at home?" and then the waterworks came from NOWHERE. I sat bawling in that doctor's office for like ten minutes telling her I just felt so overwhelmed with all of my to-do's. I was taking care of a new baby, two toddlers, and in an intense nursing program. What did I think I was doing??? That wasn't all, its taking care of the bills, the house, social life, and my life was so un-balanced it wasn't funny.

That's when overwhelm sinks in, and you end up doing nothing. You're in survival mode. So literally all that gets done is the bare minimum. You don't have energy or time to keep up with everything so the priorities are different! Here are three tips to help you lift that load, and get those feelings of overwhelm under control.

Tip Number One

Ask for help. Seriously. Sometimes that's the hardest question to ask someone, and to admit your failure. But often times, people are just waiting for you to ask!!! Ask for help from your significant other, often times they don't even realize the load on your back. They only see you in the moment, bustling about to finish the dishes, that they really don't see the laundry pile, the dirty toilets, the mess in the kids' rooms, the unseen and unheard duties of a mother. Ask for a babysitter so you can get stuff done. 

Tip Number Two

Just start doing. Time block if you wish. Set the timer for 15 minute intervals and start cleaning one area. Once the timer goes off, move to the next area. Spend 15 minutes de-cluttering, and getting rid of excess junk! Here is a three day cleaning blitz when you need an accountability partner, click here! By doing nothing, then all the feelings of overwhelm continue to take us down a dark path. I started to resent everything and everyone around me, because they couldn't see how much stress I had on my plate. I started to become bitter towards the house and the chores I had to do. Action over perfection. Just start doing and you will feel so much better about yourself!

Tip Number Three

Have you filled your own cup of love up lately? Like have you went shopping for the day with no kids, or had a spa day, or gone on a vacation? What about a lovely soak in the tub? Start with 15 minutes a day of filling up your own cup and see how much of a difference that makes. Journal, pray, do what you need to do to help you feel more fulfilled in your life.

Overall, if you're feeling overwhelmed about cleaning, its time to start delegating too. Those children who are as young as two can start learning how to clean. I know it takes consistency and hard work in the beginning to teach those little children, but you will reap the rewards well after you have taught them how to clean. Often times I have to get after my children multiple times, but with patience, love and consistency my children are now doing some of the tasks that I used to do.

Being a mom is hard enough, remember the JOY in raising these little children! You're doing a wonderful job, just remember to take care of yourself sometimes, keep your chin up and keep pushing through. You'll get there!!!

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You got this mama!!! 

Much Love,

Kara- The Mom Nurse

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Home-Made Yogurt in InstantPot Ultra

Making Homemade Yogurt in the Instant Pot Ultra

Hey There!!!

Kara here and today we are going to talk about making homemade yogurt. It is SUPER simple, it just takes quite a bit of time for the yogurt to thicken.

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I used my Instant Pot Ultra- and I'll walk you right through the steps you need to do to make the yogurt!!!

Homemade yogurt

  • 8 C. Milk
  • 2 T. Room Temp Plain Yogurt

Pour Milk into the InstantPot Pot. Cover and push knob to vent. (sealed is fine too, but we arent actually using pressure so it won't seal).

Get to the Yogurt Setting and change the setting to HIGH, Push Start. This will bring the milk to a boil. It will beep when done.

Careful NOT to scrape the bottom of the pot at all. Remove the pot so it can cool down to 110 Degrees and remove the film on the top.

In a small bowl add the 2T of plain yogurt and take 1/2 of the COOLED milk and Mix.

Add the mixture back into the instant pot and stir it in, making sure not to scrape the bottom.

Place the Instant Pot back into the pot and cover. Push the knob to vent.

Change YOGURT setting to the medium setting (107 degrees) and cook for 8-10 hours.

I check around 4 hours to see if it's set yet. The pot will count the hours UP so you can see on the pot how long its been brewing. (the longer it cooks, it will become more tart)

Once it's done you can use a cheesecloth to strain into the bowl for 3+ hours to get a thicker yogurt, or just stir in the whey and eat as is. 

Put into sealed containers in the fridge and consume within 1-2 weeks. Discard whey (if you strained it off) or save in the fridge for other recipes.

Now you have your own healthier yogurt, and it's much cheaper too!!! You can freeze portions for up to a month or so to use in the next batch, but it probably won't work for more than one generation.

I also keep it plain in the fridge, without adding honey or maple syrup until I eat it. Then you can use it in smoothies and other recipes, if it's really thick, eat it like sour cream. :-)

I hope you enjoyed this recipe!!!

You got this mama!!! 

Much Love,

Kara- The Mom Nurse

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