Should I Quit My Job as A Nurse?

My name is Kara, The Mom Nurse. I help nurses who are moms start their own businesses so they can stay home with their kiddos. "Should I quit my job as a nurse?" I think that is a question that many nurses ask themselves, when they aren't happy with their current position.

A question you need to ask yourself is "Am I happy with my career?". Most nurses who are thinking about quitting their job have one of several reasons why they want to quit. It could be from the lack of support, it could be from moving, career change, life change or other circumstances that render quitting.

I am here to tell you though, that you can ditch your job you HATE as a nurse, to find one you LOVE. There's nothing wrong with changing your jobs for something you prefer to work in. Sometimes that takes a few job changes. Sometimes that takes a little bit of effort on your end to search for jobs and apply. Sometimes you have to critically think about what you're going to do for work.

But quitting nursing completely? NO. You became a nurse for a reason, and you ARE needed. Go back to the reason you became a nurse. Do you still align with WHY you became a nurse? If not, do a little self-evaluation and journaling into why did you become a nurse. You absolutely CAN quit a toxic job for a job with a better work environment. Those jobs are out there. 

You can also start your own business as a nurse. Use your critical thinking skills to think about how could you help others online or in your community with the services you can offer? You don't need any more credentials than what you already have. You can start with nurse healthcare writing, nurse consulting, or other businesses... like a postpartum doula/nurse concierge business. I have so many ideas and MORE information on nurse healthcare writing and consulting in my facebook group- JOIN HERE. 

So should you quit your nursing job? I'm not here to tell you YES or NO. But if you're questioning it, chances are you are looking for something else. You need more fulfillment. I KNOW you have a skillset NOBODY else has, and YOU are in charge of your own life. Get out there and OWN it. :-)


Kara, The Mom Nurse

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