Which Nurses are the Happiest?
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Kara The Mom Nurse here to chat about my opinion of which nurses are the happiest. I have an interesting twist! I hope you'll find this an enjoyable read and learn something new today.

I want to chat with you about why I think this type of nurse is the happiest. Which nurses do you think are the happiest nurses? What comes to mind? For me, it comes down to a few things. The nurses that are the happiest are probably doing what they love right? Getting paid for what they love to do? And maybe having the best of both worlds. 

Doing What You Love as a Nurse

The first thing I want to ask you is, why did this nurse become a nurse? It always comes down to the "WHY". Did she become a nurse because she wanted to help moms with breastfeeding? Did she become a nurse so that she could help take care of really sick babies? Maybe she became a nurse so that she could change the world's view on orthopedics. Whatever that is for that nurse, she's probably happy if that's what she's doing, right? Wrong...

Some nurses that started out becoming a nurse to do XYZ, might not even be doing that particular job. They may even have found that it didn't bring them joy anymore and that their view on nursing has changed. So why do some nurses get stuck doing a job they hate, while some continue to tweak and fine-tune so they can do what they love? Your guess is as good as mine but in my opinion is- they stay there because they think it's their only option. 

So when you are doing what you love as a nurse, it makes sense that you would be one of those nurses that are the happiest! (Hint Hint... if you're reading this and AREN'T doing what you love... comment on this blog WHY you aren't!!!)

Getting Paid for What You Love to Do

Nurses who are getting paid for what they love to do, are also probably the happiest. Say the nurse who loves her job isn't getting paid what she thinks she is worth. Over time, she probably isn't going to love her job. She's going to start feeling like the work she's doing is too much, she's going to start silently de-valuing herself and pretty soon it's a disaster. 

So when a nurse feels valued, and like her expertise is getting well-paid, she of course is going to be the happiest nurse to work with! This nurse may just know how to ask for her value. If she's asked to work an extra shift, she may step up and state that she's willing to work the extra shift for overtime PLUS $20/hr more. You know something that seems outrageous to most nurses. 

Or maybe this nurse owns her own business... and she knows her work is valuable. So this nurse knows she can charge clients the VALUE that she brings. 

Having the Best of Both Worlds

What does that mean? It means working for oneself, being able to set their hours, value, and more. The best of both worlds is being a nurse, but also being a business owner!!! Which Nurses are the happiest then?  When a nurse has the best of both worlds, they can also choose WHEN they want to work instead of feeling like they HAVE to work. Then they could also own their own business and set their hours, income and you know... actually live a life of happiness. 

I can help you with becoming a happier nurse- if that is your desire! I have been in the entrepreneurial world since 2013 and the nurse entrepreneur space since 2019. I can help you figure out your passions, what lights you up, and how to make income from home as a nurse! Seem like a dream come true? It's been mine, let me show you yours!

But being a happy nurse isn't just about the job. It can be a whole combination of things. Are you meeting your own needs? Are living your life to it's fullest potential? So many factors go into a happy nurse. If you ask yourself what being a happy nurse is, and ponder it for awhile, the answer may come to you. 

So what are you waiting for? What's holding you back? Comment below, WHY aren't you doing what you love as a nurse, so YOU can be happy? 

Kara, The Mom Nurse

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