Pregnancy Nausea

Pregnancy Nausea
Hey there! I’m Kara- the Nurse Mom to six.

Today I want to share with you a few remedies that have helped others with nausea during pregnancy!

1. Peppermints

Peppermint Tea, Peppermint lifesavers, Peppermint oil... find whatever works for you!

2. Alcohol Wipes

Ok super weird but it really has helped!!! Keep those little square alcohol wipes in your pocket and when you start to feel the nausea kick in, rip one open, smell it until the nausea subsides so you can get a small snack down.

3. Ginger

Try gingersnaps, ginger tea, ginger essential oil, ginger ale...

4. Lemon

Try lemonade, lemon oil, lemon anything that you can keep down.

5. Make sure you eat small snacks every two hours or sooner, eat before you feel hungry because hunger makes the nausea worse.

It can be tricky to get the nausea under control, but find your triggers and know to avoid them. I hope you’re feeling better soon!!!

~The Nurse Mom
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