The ONLY thing you will need to wean from breastfeeding. (+ why you cant quit like you want)
Hey there!

I'm Kara, the mom nurse and I'm here to support you with postpartum! Today we are going to talk a little bit about weaning from breastfeeding and the one thing I have found that has worked AMAZING!

I have breastfed all of my babies (6 of them so far!) for a minimum of a year. I love the bond I have received with my babies through breastfeeding and the joy it brings both of us! With that said... my last baby he is almost 2. My boys have definitely nursed for longer than the girls. The boys have been 18 months, 22 months and now 24 months.

I have been wanting to quit but kept wondering why MYSELF was having a hard time quitting as we had went to Hawaii, and I tried quitting then. My baby went right back to nursing when we came back. (he was already 20 months at that time.) I tried vinegar on my nipples. Didn't work. He sucked right past the bitterness. 

I was like... whatever. I'll just keep nursing. However it felt like I was just being used as a pacifier and I wasn't really producing much milk. I was getting aversions to breastfeeding and yet WHY couldn't I just quit nursing?

Every time I would tell him no, he would throw a tantrum. So we just kept on keeping on.... until a friend told me about "SuckerBuster". Its an organic, proven method to wean from breastfeeding in just 1-2 uses. I bought it. 

When it came though... I was hesitant to use it. This means that I'm really really done. When I put this on... it means I'm done breastfeeding my little one. I cried for two days. I still could cry because it means that door has closed. But once I realized WHY I couldn't quit like I wanted- MY attachment to breastfeeding, it was like wow... I didn't realize how affected I would be by quitting.

I wallowed through my feelings of my babies growing up and how time passes so quickly, and knew I was now ready to let go. We are allowed to have mixed feelings, allowed to change our minds and we are allowed to feel all the things that come with weaning no matter what age your baby is. 

So if you are ready to quit breastfeeding and have it work pretty much with the first try- this stuff is for you. 

I put it on when he was awake like the package says- and when I brought him to nurse he looked at me with a disgusted look and said 'eww". He tried the other breast and same thing. It only took one time to try and he does not want to breastfeed. Its still kind of sad to me, but at the same time I am happy to finally start feeling like myself a little more, until I'm pregnant again! :-) 

Try "SuckerBuster" for those hard to wean babies/toddlers, and you can even use it on pacifiers and thumbs!

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Happy Weaning!!!
XoXo, The Mom Nurse


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