How to Gently Irrigate Your Child's Ear

How to Gently Irrigate Your Child's Ear
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Nurse Mom to Five here. I have a video here on how to remove ear wax buildup in a gentle way.

Now I wouldn't recommend doing this unless you are trained or told to do this by your doctor as you don't want to cause any damage to your child's ear, but here I show you what we do in our home with gentle irrigation.

I have an otoscope and I do inspect in the ear canal to see what is there first. You can buy them on amazon or sometimes your local store may have them. 

I have a welch allyn pocketscope, but you can no longer buy these in most places. Here is one I found that may be useful as it connects to your phone as well!

Now getting familiar with what the ear drum is supposed to look like is super helpful, otherwise you don't even know what you're looking for. It can take a lot of practice and trial-error to know what you're looking at in the ear, so don't be overwhelmed!!! 

Anyways, here is the video for you to view!!!

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Have a wonderful day!!! 

Kara- The Nurse Mom