Why does cleaning overwhelm me? Three tips to getting your overwhelm back under control.
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Cleaning is such a cliche term. When you have kids you could be cleaning all day every day... for all of eternity. Is what it feels like am I right? So when you ask yourself why cleaning overwhelms you... well you have your answer right there. Kids. or pets.... or both... 

Let's get to the nitty gritty of overwhelm. Its a feeling of... where do you start? what should you focus on first? when you have no clear direction and feel like things are just swirling around you, you don't get anything done. 

I have felt this feeling many times. I remember feeling like I had my life together, right. I was in nursing school, just had our third child who was a couple months old at the time, and I decided to bring all three kids in for well-child visits. Well that doesn't sound too bad does it? It isn't until the doctor asks "how is everything really going for you at home?" and then the waterworks came from NOWHERE. I sat bawling in that doctor's office for like ten minutes telling her I just felt so overwhelmed with all of my to-do's. I was taking care of a new baby, two toddlers, and in an intense nursing program. What did I think I was doing??? That wasn't all, its taking care of the bills, the house, social life, and my life was so un-balanced it wasn't funny.

That's when overwhelm sinks in, and you end up doing nothing. You're in survival mode. So literally all that gets done is the bare minimum. You don't have energy or time to keep up with everything so the priorities are different! Here are three tips to help you lift that load, and get those feelings of overwhelm under control.

Tip Number One

Ask for help. Seriously. Sometimes that's the hardest question to ask someone, and to admit your failure. But often times, people are just waiting for you to ask!!! Ask for help from your significant other, often times they don't even realize the load on your back. They only see you in the moment, bustling about to finish the dishes, that they really don't see the laundry pile, the dirty toilets, the mess in the kids' rooms, the unseen and unheard duties of a mother. Ask for a babysitter so you can get stuff done. 

Tip Number Two

Just start doing. Time block if you wish. Set the timer for 15 minute intervals and start cleaning one area. Once the timer goes off, move to the next area. Spend 15 minutes de-cluttering, and getting rid of excess junk! Here is a three day cleaning blitz when you need an accountability partner, click here! By doing nothing, then all the feelings of overwhelm continue to take us down a dark path. I started to resent everything and everyone around me, because they couldn't see how much stress I had on my plate. I started to become bitter towards the house and the chores I had to do. Action over perfection. Just start doing and you will feel so much better about yourself!

Tip Number Three

Have you filled your own cup of love up lately? Like have you went shopping for the day with no kids, or had a spa day, or gone on a vacation? What about a lovely soak in the tub? Start with 15 minutes a day of filling up your own cup and see how much of a difference that makes. Journal, pray, do what you need to do to help you feel more fulfilled in your life.

Overall, if you're feeling overwhelmed about cleaning, its time to start delegating too. Those children who are as young as two can start learning how to clean. I know it takes consistency and hard work in the beginning to teach those little children, but you will reap the rewards well after you have taught them how to clean. Often times I have to get after my children multiple times, but with patience, love and consistency my children are now doing some of the tasks that I used to do.

Being a mom is hard enough, remember the JOY in raising these little children! You're doing a wonderful job, just remember to take care of yourself sometimes, keep your chin up and keep pushing through. You'll get there!!!

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You got this mama!!! 

Much Love,

Kara- The Mom Nurse

P.S. When you are ready, here are a few things that I can help you with:

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