Kara Johnson

What is it?

  • 75 Printable Cards to put in a Small Box
  • Have your child draw a card or two when they need ideas of things to do
  • Games and Activities I have ACTUALLY done as a kid myself!
The Idea Cloud is for you IF:

  • Your Kids Need Less Screen Time and MORE PLAY!!!
  • Your Kids Need Help Thinking of Ideas of Things To Do
  • You Want Your Kids to Become More Independent
  • You Need Some More Ideas!!!
  • Rainy Day Activities too!
  • Your Kids Sometimes Say they are Bored
SEVENTY FIVE Ideas to get your kids OFF the screens and OUTSIDE or playing!!!

Print These Off Business Card Size on Cardstock and Cut out to put in a Small Box.

You could either continue handing over the iPad when you don’t know what to do or you can hand over the idea cloud, the choice is yours! 

                                                                 Information courtesy of Kara Johnson