What do you remember about your parents’ home remedies?

Let’s face reality: 

When your kids are sick you want nothing more than for them to feel better, right?! Nobody likes to feel yucky! 

There’s always some remedy of some sort that you can try this or try that. 

Growing up, what was a memory you had of your mom or dad giving you so you can feel better?! 

Mine is thieves lozenges, essential oils, humidifiers Etc from my mom and also my dad making us take extra vitamin C in OJ or water and gargling with salt water 😆

My kids will have memories of ibuprofen or Tylenol, and lots of essential oils. In fact, my kids will ask for them!!! 

There’s a lot of hype going around about essential oils, but I think of them as another tool in my mama wellness kit 😃

I also believe modern medicine plays a role in our kids wellness and I feel there is a great need for more information on boosting overall wellness in your kids, so they can arm themselves with the best knowledge to take care of themselves once they are older!

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