How to Boost Your Immune System
Hey there! 

Kara the Mom Nurse here. I am touching on a topic that is pretty relevant at this time of year and I want to provide some insight on immunity for you. 

Why immunity is important... Well your immune system is built to fight off pathogens and if your immune system is weakened, then you can become very sick.

Most healthy people can fight off germs with a robust and high functioning immune system but there are many factors that can weaken a healthy immune system. 

There are three types of immunity we have as humans, innate, adaptive and passive. Innate is your natural immunity such as your skin which blocks foreign invaders from directly entering. Then you have adaptive immunity which develops throughout our lives when we are exposed to diseases or vaccinated to develop immunity. Passive immunity is borrowed, and it lasts a short time such as the antibodies in breastmilk that pass to the baby. 

I am a firm believer in supporting your immune system, and giving it the tools in may need to be boosted during times of need. In today's world with all that is going on, you hardly even see mention of boosting your immune system! This has been on my mind a lot lately, and I'm ready to chat.

When we have no immunity to some disease, our bodies will be exposed and then our body-doing its JOB will build immunity to that illness. THIS IS THE BODY'S NATURAL FUNCTION!!! We cannot wait for some vaccine to be introduced, we don't have time for a safe vaccine! Safe vaccines take years of research and development... Be skeptical of the fast emerging vaccines on the market... 


So in light of that... I would like to give you a few tips on how to boost your immune system! First I would start with a good solid organic multi-vitamin. In today's world the soil is so depleted that we really aren't getting the nutrients we need to maintain a healthy functioning body. I would recommend this one here: Mary Ruth's Morning Liquid Multivitamin (this has zinc and elderberry in it too, SCORE!!!) Click the Link to see the full product.

Vitamin D

I also would recommend getting plenty of vitamin D from the SUN or finding a reputable supplement, getting plenty of exercise, eating healthier foods, (skip the fast food and cook up a quick stir-fry or taco night!) There are many ways you can boost your immune system, but I would focus on being healthy and happy- take small steps to start implementing measures NOW.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is needed to absorb Iron in your body. Vitamin C does not prevent getting ill but it can reduce the length of time you are sick when taken while feeling under the weather! (Link to Source Here) Iron is also needed to build healthy red blood cells!!! If you are anemic, you will be low on iron. So take vitamin C with your iron to boost absorbtion! (or a lot of orange juice :-)) 


This is a trace element that your body needs and is not produced in your body. You must consume it through your diet. It can also help lessen the amount of time you are down with a cold as well, just like vitamin c! (Link to Source Here)

Lower your stress, eliminate extra things you don't need or say NO to something without feeling guilty. Take a spa day! You absolutely need to lower your stress level so that your body can have a fully functioning immune system. Click this link to read 10 tips for filling up your cup of hope, which can also help lower your stress levels and get you through the rest of 2020 with grace and ease!

Anyway, I just want to encourage you to take a load off, eat healthy and boost your immune system. I have a lot more tips up my sleeve but I don't want to keep you any longer. 

You got this mama!!! 

Much Love,

Kara- The Mom Nurse

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