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Kara the Mom Nurse with an Immune Support Diffuser Recipe!

First things First

I am ALWAYS diffusing Thieves in my Aroma-Lux diffuser, which doesn't use water. It is always on the counter and I only have to hit the power button in the morning. I check periodically if its empty but then once it's set I forget it and it has so many settings on it, and it can go for a LONG time. 


The recipe I then put going for immune support in the Aria Diffuser is below:

The Immune Support Diffuser Recipe:

~10 Drops Thieves 
~5 Drops Eucalyptus 
~3 Drops Frankinscence

Diffuse for the three hours on high.

I have been using essential oils for almost 10 years on my family and myself, and I love to share with others the power that essential oils can have in your family if you chose to use them.

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Anyway, enjoy the recipe and happy diffusing!!!

You got this mama!!! 

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