Kids Ear Remedies

I have had multiple kiddos with ear infections, ear troubles that have almost landed two of my kids with tubes. 

Both the boys had recurring ear infections with teething and eventually both outgrew them. 

I had to say ENOUGH to more antibiotics as they were just wiping out all their immune system fighting capabilities. 

I still use antibiotics when I see fit (I’m an RN and still use modern remedies and believe they do help when necessary!)

But I had to stop the constant antibiotic use. I knew there had to be a different way. 

So I quit using them and found a chiropractor. 

AMAZING world of a difference. 

Find one who does cranial sacral work and adjusts the palates in the mouth, neck, ears, and body. 

Find one who does facial tapping. 

This helped my son clear his sinuses and ear canals within 24 hours and we would be infection free. 

Then I used supporting oils:

Garlic drops with tea tree, melrose and lavender. 

Also would use Melrose down the back of the ear and to the sternal point. 

Warm packs over the ears 

Colloidal silver internally- not in the ears but to support their immune system

Boost with vitamin c, zinc. 

Cut out all dairy. 

Sanitize pacifiers. 

Copiaba behind ear

Take a q-tip and put a drop of melrose and lavender on it, then gently swipe JUST inside the ear canal. 

Frequent chiro adjustments

Neck massage to get the ear canals to drain. 

Ear canals in kids are flat which make it easier for fluid to sit in the ear. As they grow, the tubes will start to angle and drain better. 

Push for an ENT visit after two or three infections, and consult with your doctor about tonsil or adenoid removal and/or tubes if you deem necessary. 

Don’t be afraid to use modern medicine/doctors. Also don’t be afraid to advocate for your child, ask questions and learn!



I use an organic ear oil from Amazon- it has garlic and mullein in the oil, then I add my own essential oils. 

To get your garlic drops, purchase here:

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Grab zinc here:

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