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This is for you IF:

You know how to create your custom pages and campaigns and all that, but you know, you just can't get those pieces and links to work just right!!! Maybe you don't have the time to spend figuring this out. Maybe you are frustrated with having content but not being able to figure out how to get your lead magnet put together. Maybe just MAYBE you don't even know much about get-oiling or attractwell and you're just needing some direction.

You are not alone!!! Let me help you.

After taking this mini course you will learn:

~How to set up and get your lead magnet working for you within three hours or less.

~Brief overview of how to use canva to create your graphics for your lead magnet and then use them to make your custom page and landing page for your offer.

~Create the email campaign to go with your lead magnet!!!

~This will get you building your email list NOW whether you have a course or other services you have to offer.

I spent MONTHS tweaking these features and figuring them out, and I will teach you how to do this in a very easy way.

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