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Welcome to this workshop on what to look for when your baby has ear troubles, and
what you can do to help your baby through the ear troubles.

This is based on my six+ years of experience as a Registered Nurse, Mom to Six, and two babies
with recurring ear infections.

You Will Learn:

1. Signs and Symptoms your baby is experiencing ear troubles
2. Home Remedies that can support your baby through.
3. How long to "wait it out"
4. What to do if baby has a fever
5. How to get some sleep when baby has an ear issue


You will leave this workshop with multiple ways to help
support your baby/toddler through ear issues that may arise. 

You will ditch the uncertainty and feel empowered to take care of your baby,
and better know how to make it through those sleepless nights!!!

I have been there too, so many sleepless nights. 
I don't want you to have to continue worrying about whether
it's ears or teething, whether you should bring them in, or
where to bring them in. You will learn so many wonderful techniques that you
can avoid the google searches and feel FEARLESS!!!