Kalorik MAXX

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"I love my Kalorik for all the functions it has. 2 seniors in our house and always hated to heat the big oven for 2 steaks, pork chops etc. My husband loves air fried French fries. Makes awesome wings, and I finally can have crispy frozen onion rings. I proofed and baked 2 loaves of bread last week, as well as baking a pie crust and meringue for my lemon pie. Totally awesome machine. " -Debbie

"My Kalorik and my wife's dementia arrived at about the same time. One makes the other tolerable. " -Richard

"Everything!! So versatile!!  Started with an Actifry....ditched it after 2 weeks and got this big boy!!  I live in the Arctic and the cost of power is through the roof!!  So to me the Kalorik is priceless!!❤️. Use it daily...."-Rhonda

"It makes cooking fun again. I don't dread preparing meals because the Kalorik makes cooking a breeze." -Molly

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