Coffee and a Splash of Cream
Hey there! Kara, the Nurse Mom to Five here.

As I sit here, drinking my cup of coffee with a splash of cream, I reflect on life in a similar matter. Coffee can be drank black, with cream, with cream and sugar, with just sugar, latte, espresso, blended, iced, and any other variation out there. 

Our lives are similar. We can drink the coffee any which way we'd like, just like we can do or decide to do anything else in our lives. I don't judge another for drinking their americano while I drink it with a splash of cream, nor would I judge you for choosing for to breastfeed or bottle feed. 

Life should be given and walked with much grace for we are only walking our own path. Uplift and encourage others as you would want done unto you! Sometimes if we don't know what someone else may be going through, even a simple hug or words sent in encouragement to say, "Hey- I see you're struggling and I want to encourage you to keep your chin up, and I'm here for you!" Those can mean a lot to those going through even the smallest struggles.

When we drink our coffee together, remember that we are all on the walk of life together, and we all go through different struggles at different times in our lives. There are others who have gone before us, and others who will come after us that can all benefit from each other in this walk of mother-hood!

Take some time today and send some words of encouragement to the person who is on your mind, or someone who needs some extra love! Sometimes when we are in our own area of hurting it also brings up your own mood when you can encourage your friends, family, strangers on the path they are on!

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I hope you have a wonderful day,

Much Love~


The Nurse Mom


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