A Penny For Your Thoughts
Hey there!!!

Do you ever have those days where pennies seem to keep showing up everywhere? Maybe you're one who thinks they are pennies from heaven, or maybe you're one who thinks a ghost left them there, either way today was one of those days.

I think I have picked up three pennies today so far. I have been deep in thought today- thinking about what the future brings and also about where we were as a family one year ago today.

One year ago today we were packing up our house, hosting two garage sales, purging junk and cleaning up. We were uprooting our family from Minnesota to Alaska, and it was no easy job. It was hard work but it was worth the work. My kids weren't getting ready for school last year at this time like normal, because we didn't know where they were actually going to go to school.

This year we are home-schooling and I couldn't be more happy to start!!! It's going to be a challenge for me and an adventure for all, but it got me thinking that normally I would be school shopping at this time for a new outfit and new shoes for the kids, and school supplies.

I won't necessarily be shopping for new clothes and shoes for the first day of school, but we will still be shopping for school supplies! I am ready for the change to homeschool, to see what life has to bring for us. What does this year bring for you? Do you have any major changes in your kids' school year?

I have the pennies in my pocket as I have also been wondering what will give in my online business. So much training and thought into my online business has been on my mind as well. Will I need to go back to work to pay off debts? Or can I really make a thriving online business? I am hoping for the latter as I do not want to have to go back to work while the kids are little.

A penny for your thoughts, I'd love to hear yours!

Have a wonderful day- Kara, the nurse mom to five!

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