Are your kids constantly fighting? Here are a few tips to get your sanity back!
Hey there!!!

The Mom Nurse to Five here with some help for you and your kids who are.always.squabbling.fighting. They just don't seem to get along these days are you're about to go CRAZY. Just check me right into that mental hospital over there...

Oh you got this momma!!! First things first- check in with yourself. Are you feeling more stressed out lately, and kind of tuning out the kids? How are YOU feeling? They are picking up on your feelings too, so make sure you fill up your cup first!!! Maybe get your work done before they get up so you can focus on their needs and don't feel tapped trying to multi-task 

Next, instead of hollering back at them, find out what is truly going on. A lot of times it goes well she said this, he said that, she did this, she did that and you can't ever get a handle on who did what first. Am I right? 

So next step, put both the kids in a giant t-shirt of dad's and make them sit in it until they apologize. HAHA no Just kidding, although I actually have done this with my 4 and 2 year old at the time and they thought it was hilarious. 

For older kids though, they are actually probably looking for attention, and ways to expand their creativity or feel wanted and needed in the home. You can give them this IDEA CLOUD-which is just $7 and you can easily print these off, have them cut them up and have them start drawing a card out of a baggie or box from this. The Idea Cloud has 75 printable cards with activities for them to do without a screen involved and will get them feeling pretty busy!!! (And get your sanity back)

My kids have already spent a whole day making flick books!!! (That is just one of the ideas in the idea cloud).

Some other ideas are to just have them help you with the housework, and make it fun. Have them help you with the cooking! I know the little kids its harder and sometimes makes your brain spin, but they love it and will always have those special memories!!! 

Try to get a rhythm going in your home too. Kids strive on routine and need to know what to expect next. I  am working on this but recently found a great resource about saving your homeschooling day!!! It teaches you about rhythm's and circles and all of that! I would check it out over at Jean Miller's Website HERE

Anyway, I hope these few tips helped to get you moving forward with finding out WHY they are fighting, and keeping them busy and keeping your sanity :-). 

Have a wonderful day!!! 

Kara- The Nurse Mom


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