How teething affects babies and four home remedies
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This blog post is all about teething! I have baby number 5 right now teething, he just turned one. He has been popping those back molars and man is life rough for him! ;-)

When babies are teething, they can be irritable, fussier than usual, increased drool and some of my babies have gotten a low grade fever, some get a diaper rash with diarrhea. Some babies don't eat as much or don't have much of an appetite while teething but the best thing you can do is help them through this stage!

The symptoms can vary but ultimately when your baby starts acting differently and sleeping differently you can almost guarantee they are teething. One of my babies even got an ear infection every time he was teething. Imagine those nights...

Here are some helpful home remedies that can help you with supporting your baby during this time, that have worked wonders for us! Just remember each baby is different and reacts differently to teething. Some of my babies you wouldn't have even known they were teething! 

(also remember when you've tried everything, it's ok to give a little tylenol or ibuprofen when they are just so irritable and inconsolable. I always try these remedies first then go for the pain medications.)

Amber Teething Necklace

The belief with amber is that the babies body heat causes the amber to release oils that contain succinic acid which is thought to help with the teething pain. My experience with amber teething necklaces is that it really helps cut back on the drooling that happens with teething, so even if it doesn't so much help with the pain, I have noticed a significant decrease in how much my baby drools. 

You need to wear this consecutively for a few days but you should see a big difference! Please be aware of the safety implications like not wearing it on them when they are sleeping etc...)

Copaiba Essential Oil

This essential oil is thought to help with easing discomfort with the teething. I have used this with great success in many of my five babies. You need to reapply this often within the first hour you notice the irritability. Dilute if need be- I have created a guide here.

Arnica Tablets

These are thought and believed to help temporarily relieve the symptoms of restlessness during sleep due to them cutting teeth. I have used these with great success, but you do need to dissolve them first before giving them to baby. 

This also you must give frequently the first hour or two to start to notice a difference.

Cold/Frozen Washcloth

We have wet a washcloth and put in the freezer or fridge to cool. Then give to baby to chew on! This is great. :-)

These are the remedies I have used with great success, and I know you will find relief for your baby!!!

You got this mama!!! 

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